38 year old motorcycle with my 83 year old mum

Robin Low
7 min readNov 7, 2023

Traveling on the motorcycle for long trips is always an adventure as you can never know what to expect. Will there be a sudden down pour along the way? A swarm of insects? Idiot drivers? Breakdowns?

It can be exciting and fun, and often rewarding.

Riding classic motorcycles is always fun too. It takes effort to maintain your classic motorcycle and like any motorcycle, if you take care of it, it will be reliable.

Traveling with your parents — on a motorcycle is fun too. Yes, there will be constant complains, nagging and multiple toilet breaks, but you get to spend time and get them to do things they would normally not do, like — exercise.

So why not combine them all?

So, what is involved for the trip?

Firstly, riding a motorcycle is quite physical. My mum complains about walking — a lot, and prefers sitting down and not doing anything. She also complains about muscle cramps, back pain and other types of pain, but likes to avoid any form of stretching and exercises.

So a trip like this is usually a big encouragement to get her to move more and exercise more.

I actually sent my mother to physiotherapy as she lost her core strength during COVID-19 when people are not allowed to travel for 2 years. She was even bedridden and in a wheelchair for a few months during COVID-19, and it became inconvenient for everyone, and her quality of life became very bad.

So, the effort to make her exercise and stretch was for everyone’s benefit. If she can walk, she can be more independent to go to the toilet, etc. So when her mobility is affected, going on a trip is a good way to motivate her.

For this trip, I got her to go to physiotherapy and make her do exercises 2x a day. She would stretch and do leg raises to help her build her core muscles, and would cross her hands and get up and down from her chair. This would also help her with balance and improve her core muscles. For many weeks, I also brought her out for dinner 1km away from the house, so she had to walk to…



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