As Singapore allows more visitors to enter the country, Singapore manages to detect and quarantine infected visitors.

This has served Singapore well, even when Singapore allowed visitors from highly infected countries or countries with infectious strains to enter. However, things quickly changed when India became highly infected in April.

Many citizens called for the government to restrict travel to India and reduce visitors from India, but no actions were taken. …

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is well known for solving business problems and it is not the most innovative consulting company, however, they have a very structured way of doing it.

Structured problem solving

Structured problem-solving starts with framing the problem.

With COVID-19 accelerating the need for digital transformation of companies, I was looking for some form of certification to tell people that I already have some of these skills from my previous experience, however, this is Singapore. There are companies that are looking for people with 10 years of Blockchain experience to lead a team… (And relevant certifications and degrees)

I have been doing some sustainability and CSR consulting, but I can see that digital transformation and the relevant certification can probably give my clients peace of mind that I know my stuff, so I applied for the course.


We do not have much data or understanding in Singapore about the virus, but international sites record such data. One of these sites is GISAID.

Remember the UK strain, South African strain, Brazil strain which caused many countries to ban planes from these countries?

Yes, we have them in Singapore.

In the past 4 weeks,

UK Strain — 53 cases

South Africa Strain — 62 cases

Brazilian Strain — 3 cases

North American Strain — 0 cases

India Strain — 104 cases

We constantly see new cases getting imported every day, but we seldom know where the virus came from…

Over the years, I have worked in various countries' leaders in various companies on innovation and pivoting. For projects in which I am not a domain expert, but I have deep knowledge, I’ve brought in the experts which have given deep insights and a clear understanding of the problem statement, before offering a myriad of solutions.

Sadly, in half quite a several cases with “highly connected” leaders who are family members or “close friends”, the result is always the same. Consultants are hired, solutions are provided, but the implementation of the solutions is weak at best.

For an international sports…

I’ve received my first injection 4 days ago, and I’m here to share my experience.

I got my injection on 12 April, 2021. In Singapore, this is a massive operation with injections available at Community Clubs and Polyclinics. There are ushers, name readers, and lots of registration staff along with the injectors.

It was a relatively painless process. You make an appointment, wait for the SMS and then just go for your appointment.

I was registered within 10 minutes and got my injection in the next 10 minutes. …

On 6th April 2018, National Environment Agency (NEA) issued a ban that all Singapore motorcycles registered before 1 July 2003 will be disallowed in Singapore come 1 July 2028. This claimed — 27,000 motorcycles, which make up 21% of the total motorcycles population contribute to 40% of CO emission by all motorcycles, and 53% of all vehicular CO emission — sounds absurd.

I would like to see how NEA comes out with the data. For many of the old bikes, collectors that own them don’t even ride them as often as commercial vehicles. …

In 2017, the COE was also above $8,000, and Mr. Heng decided that increasing the ARF for motorcycles would get the COE down so that smaller bikes which are used for delivery would be more affordable.

It did go down a little, and in 2021, the time where the economy is not doing so well, some people who have lost their jobs are turning to food delivery, and the high ARF and COE makes a motorcycle that cost less than $7,000 in 2014 now cost more than $12,000.

Even if you do not ride a motorcycle, the high cost of…

Everyone is an actor. When it comes to different situations, people tend to play different roles, and there can be a very big contrast in different situations.

Robin Low

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