Do Vaccines and Tests Prevent mass spreading of COVID-19?

I was skeptical initially about such outdoor concerts where 100,000 people come together in close proximity (and yes, without masks) How would they prevent the spread of COVID-19?

I must admit — I was wrong.

This sold-out concert required full COVID-19…

On a cool autumn morning, a young boy, Toby, dressed in an orange heavy down jacket, a fluffy red wool scarf, wearing a light blue toque with ear flaps arrived at school.

“Toby, are you cold?” Katy, a young girl in a pink hoodie asked. …

COVID-19, a virus that was first discovered in China in 2019 is now around the world and the new variant — Omicron is making headlines.

While many countries still have tight border controls and rules, some countries are relaxing internal rules as more people get vaccinated.

It is almost 3…

It is easy to make a new years resolution. Some of the resolutions are things you are already going to do like — taking a course, etc. If you have already did the research or paid for the course, you are going to take the course already.

Some resolutions like…

Years of socialization shaped humans so they feel shame because it conferred some kind of evolutionary advantage. For instance, it can potentially promote harmony by encouraging individuals to adhere to social norms and to co-exist with one another.

Shame makes us behave in less socially constructive ways; whereas, guilt promotes…

Robin Low

Author, Traveler, Innovator. Focuses on Social Impact and Innovation.

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