I have bought the Mi Pad 5 for over 2 weeks for my mum, and this is my honest review.

What is Mi Pad 5?

Mi Pad 5 is the latest 11" tablet released by Xiaomi.


Body Dimensions 254.7 x 166.3 x 6.9 mm (10.03 x 6.55 x 0.27 in)
Weight 511 g (1.13 lb)
Build Glass front, aluminum back, plastic back
WiFi Only
Display Type IPS LCD, 1B colors, 120Hz, HDR10, Dolby Vision
Size 11.0 inches, 350.9 cm2 (~82.8% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 1600 x 2560 pixels, 16:10 ratio (~274 ppi density)
Platform OS Android 11,
MIUI 12.5 Chipset Qualcomm…

I have been using Shopee for a long time, and after getting a new phone, I decided to use Shopee app.

I used to log in using SMS, but I’ve seen that it now defaults to Whatsapp, which I’m using a different number, so Whatsapp function does not work for me. And now, it requires “Verification”

I’ve never used an email to register for Shopee, nor did I enter any password.

Now, I cannot access Shopee because I do not have a password and requires verification.

I’ve been trying to communicate with customer support of Shopee, and they have been…

The government decided that it was a good idea having National Day Parade, with planes flying by, etc — in the middle of a new wave of Pandemic.

Sure, nothing will go wrong.

There seems to be lessons the Multi-Ministry Task Force(MMTF) is unable to learn.

  1. When the Wuhan started spreading in China — Singapore still allowed flights from China to enter despite other countries banning flights. (When India had a spread of Delta Virus…)
  2. Notice the cases at Jurong Fishery Port and Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre? Was nothing learned?

I’m not complaining about the KTV clusters or the Bus…

I’ve often wondered how restaurant chains maintain their Michelin star. Hawker Chan used to have a pretty interesting and popular Soy Sauce Chicken Noodle. The BBQ pork is also pretty good. As a hawker, the chef prepares his ingredients and with his years of experience, creates relatively good food.

However, after getting his Michelin star, investors came and offered him funds to start a chain.

I’ve visited the restaurant in Toa Payoh when it was open and although the food was sort of reasonably priced but the drinks was expensive. When I first visited, I realized that the service was…

I’ve been to many major disasters, including the Japan Tsunami, Haiti Earthquake, and various Typhoons.

Our motto: Engage, Enable, Empower and Connect is developed after years of experience and can have a lot of implications.

It is important to meet the various stakeholders face to face to understand the problem and have a better feel of the situation. You will need a few skills.

The first is active listening, which is an essential skill. Listening to others first earns us the right to be heard ourselves. The key to this is to really hear what the speaker is saying. Listen…

Whether it is digital transformation, sustainability transformation or social transformation, many companies feel the need to transform.

To keep up with technology, some companies need to add more digital technology into their operations. However the transformation is not as easy as buying a technology and putting it up.

To be more sustainable, some companies want to use more renewable resources or reduce the amount of toxic waste/materials in their manufacturing. They may also want to think about having more biodegrable materials, and again, there are a lot of considerations to be made then just “changing material”

To support the community…

I did my thesis on Neural Networks and have been following up on the updates in technology, and because of COVID-19, the adoption of new technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) has been accelerated.

In 2004, I started a nanotechnology company called Greenyarn and I’ve several friends at MIT who were involved in MIT.nano. One of the fields that excite me a lot is — quantum computing.

Along with my passion of writing SCI-FI and researching some of the latest technology, it is important for me to know the technology and get it right. …

This is definitely going to be an issue. I’ve spoken to many motorcyclists and the $8000+ COE is affecting livelihoods.

People who lost their jobs in 2020, and started getting some income doing deliveries. With the high COE prices, many people lose their mobility as they cannot afford to renew the COE of their motorcycles or buy a new bike.

Some end up buying electric bicycles and using them to go around, and the problem with that is the fact that bicycles are in no way going to replace motorcycles. …

There is a lot to say about leadership, and it is very important when you embrace digital transformation. For a smart company, organization, or nation, data is very important, and yes, we do have the technology today to share a lot of information in real-time and allow the community or other stakeholders to engage and be empowered with the knowledge.

In a crisis, information is critical. using the right data to create useful visuals can explain the situation in a much easier way where most people will understand.

Data is used by media, academics, and experts to make business decisions…

Yes, Singapore paddlers as Yu Mengyu progressed to the third round of the women’s singles with a convincing win, however, the news does not seem to excite me.

Since the 2000s, Singapore has been using China Athletes, and in 2008, Singapore did win a medal at the Olympics. It was a nice win, but I did not feel for the sport as much as I did in the SEA games where Singapore-born athletes strived for gold.

The reason given for importing athletes is to increase the level of the game locally and train local athletes, but until today, we are…

Robin Low

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