In 2017, the COE was also above $8,000, and Mr. Heng decided that increasing the ARF for motorcycles would get the COE down so that smaller bikes which are used for delivery would be more affordable.

It did go down a little, and in 2021, the time where the economy is not doing so well, some people who have lost their jobs are turning to food delivery, and the high ARF and COE makes a motorcycle that cost less than $7,000 in 2014 now cost more than $12,000.

Even if you do not ride a motorcycle, the high cost of…

Everyone is an actor. When it comes to different situations, people tend to play different roles, and there can be a very big contrast in different situations.

I’ve had a lot of serious discussions about politics with many different groups of people, and I would say that what Singapore developed is a very complex problem.

Yes, I’m sure cognitive dissonance is to be blamed for both sides. As a member of the opposition party, I would say that the lack of transparency and openness to discussion makes trusting the PAP ministers a rather difficult task.

When it comes to taking high salaries, many of these part-time ministers command a salary that is more than 10 to 20 times that of an average Singaporean, yet they refuse to…

I recently looked at my Singtel Bill and it never occurred to me that all I’ve been paying so much for all the mioTV and other services which I don’t really use, so I decided to switch to MyRepublic.

I was planning to get a WiFi 6 Router because my computers, phones support WiFi 6, along with my PS5 and many of my newer devices.

Here’s a breakdown of the previous standards. Note that the older versions have been designated with updated naming schemes, however, they are no longer widely in use:

  • WiFi 6 to identify devices that support 802.11ax…

You can learn a lot from farming and farming can allow you to apply some of these principles you learn in your life and career.

Sadly, in today’s society, many people are too lazy to think. They would not try to reason and ask questions like, “I forgot to water my plant for a week, it is brown now, how do I save it? “ or “How do I grow the plant from seeds? Do I put the seeds in the soil?”

Google is a good place to search for answers. There are a lot of people sharing tips and…

This COVID crisis has forced a lot of companies to go digital and embrace technology in a big way. Besides the promotion of digital transformation from the government of Singapore, market conditions and forces also create a situation that accelerates digital transformation.

I have been working with technology for a long time, since the adoption of AS/400 Servers and EC2 systems back in 2006. And after the dot com boom and crash, it made it clear that just technological transformation is not enough.

Stakeholder management is key as in most cases, the users do not see the benefit of simply…

We are probably not ready for disruption in Singapore yet.

Yes, the first registered electric motorcycle I’ve seen has arrived in Singapore, and no, it is not a Tesla or a Superbike — it is actually a very utilitarian Aidea AA-cargo — 3 wheeled bike.

I’ve owned and ridden a Zero Motorcycle, and it feels exactly like a big motorcycle, except that it is completely silent, torquey, and has a short-range.

Vaccination started in Singapore, and seniors have priority. There are many different places to go for your vaccination.

My mom received her letter a few days ago, and there are also many people visiting to inform us that there are vaccinations available for seniors. (Which they have a list of seniors in the area to visit.

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine are authorized for use in Singapore, and you do not have a choice of which vaccines to take. They are made using messenger RNA, or mRNA, a technology that delivers a bit of genetic code…

Well, not unless it is your pet.

Why do people feed birds?

Well, I’ve asked many people and here are the answers.

  • Good intentions (poor birdy needs food)
  • Wild life photography
  • Excuse not to waste food
  • Save endangered birds from extinction

Whatever your reasons are, having good intentions is definitely not enough.

I’ve read several papers on endangered birds, and one bird is studied and documented. Studies have shown that jays fed by humans reproduce earlier in the year than those that are not.

So what happens when the babies reproduced earlier? When the babies hatch before the caterpillars they…

Robin Low

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