There is a lot to say about leadership, and it is very important when you embrace digital transformation. For a smart company, organization, or nation, data is very important, and yes, we do have the technology today to share a lot of information in real-time and allow the community or other stakeholders to engage and be empowered with the knowledge.

In a crisis, information is critical. using the right data to create useful visuals can explain the situation in a much easier way where most people will understand.

Data is used by media, academics, and experts to make business decisions…

Yes, Singapore paddlers as Yu Mengyu progressed to the third round of the women’s singles with a convincing win, however, the news does not seem to excite me.

Since the 2000s, Singapore has been using China Athletes, and in 2008, Singapore did win a medal at the Olympics. It was a nice win, but I did not feel for the sport as much as I did in the SEA games where Singapore-born athletes strived for gold.

The reason given for importing athletes is to increase the level of the game locally and train local athletes, but until today, we are…

Working in Silos (apart from poor leadership) is a key reason why companies fail to embrace digital transformation.

I’m currently doing a Digital Transformation Course with the RISE program by BCG. Personally, I’ve known many Singapore companies and organizations that have been trying to do Digital Transformation for years, but most of them seem to only yield poor results.

With this course, many of my thoughts and experience can now be articulated easier with very organized principles, and I love some of the new terms that were used.

One of the key sources of Digitization failure is digital lipstick.

Many businesses talk about Human-Centered Design (HCD), and even when executives go through HCD courses, read HCD books, very few actually embrace the HCD mindset.

I’ve seen a lot of startups in Singapore talk about agile and using HCD to build better products. From their presentation, it is clear that they have read HCD books or went through HCD courses as they know all the buzzwords, but when it comes to implementation and ideation, it seems like the preferred way to work is the old “Waterfall Approach”.

Hatching eggs is a tedious task. Chicken eggs hatch 21 days after incubation (not 21 days after it comes out of the chicken unless your hen sits on it)

During this time, the eggs need to be turned every few hours, and this can be a pain in the neck.

When you start the incubation process, you place the eggs in an incubator or under a heat lamp. The ideal temperature is about 37 degrees celsius. I’m doing this in Singapore, so humidity should not be an issue.

I put the eggs on the side and turn them every 4…

We have all heard the rhetoric “Unlike large resource-rich countries, Singapore cannot afford to close its borders for long” — Lawrence Wong.

So, Singapore never really closed its borders to China until many countries do so. And despite the infections, Chinese tourists can still enter till Jan 31, 2020. (And PRs and Citizens can still come in from China)

Singapore managed COVID-19 pretty well, but continues to import new cases. Then when the foreign workers who live in close proximity in the domitories got infected, the infection in Singapore soared.

Paper prototyping is cutting paper, sketching screenshots on paper, and testing the usability of a phone app.

Robin Low

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