Can we survive without our phones today?

Robin Low
4 min readDec 11, 2023

Our smartphones are making things a little more convenient for us every time it progresses. With the progression of AI and personal assistant, there is a lot more your phone can offer.

Whether is Alexa, Google or Siri, their advancement is making life a little easier by enabling voice assistant to help plan and retrieve information.

I have done many road trips, and armed with my Andriod phone, I am able to get a lot of important information which allows me to do the trip without much pre-trip planning.

Google Maps has also made my trips safer. I no longer need to worry about following the exact route. If I miss a turn, the map will reroute itself and plan an alternate route to the destination. There is absolute no need for the last minute dangerous lane filter to get to the exit recommended and you can just follow the new route after missing the exit.

Google Assistant

Google assistant integrates with a lot of my other Google apps.


While driving, I can use voice commands to add a stop or plot a new route, without the need to take my eyes off the road.

When I get a text message, I can ask Google assistant to read out my screen. When I need to find out about the weather of my destination…



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