Do inexplicable policies undermine the organization’s authority?

Robin Low
3 min readNov 17, 2021

When policies do not make sense and impact the lives of people, the confidence of the people on the organization.

An example would be like in the US, where local infrastructure is in need of a revamp and the government is spending a lot on military instead of updating the infrastructure. Many people believe that the government should spend more on supporting renewable energy to be more energy dependent as well as have a repairs and maintenance on the roads and railway system.

Many other countries have benefited from a better rail system, and in contrast, the US’s train system feels very “retro” compared to China’s system.

Due to COVID-19, there are so many new restrictions implemented. Group size of 2, Group size of 5, vaccinated, unvaccinated, and it becomes very complicated.

This is already a lot better than it was previously.

It is often the complex rules and regulations that keeps changing that makes people frustrated and businesses confused. With enforcement, businesses that get caught having patrons not following social distancing rules “outside the establishment” gets a fine, so along with reduced business, many businesses decides to close down or increase price as overheads increase.

Without enforcement, people ignore these rules and still gather in groups in eat ignoring the rules that are hard to understand.

Furthermore, there was several official large group gatherings like celebrating the National day, and the busy and packed MRT trains and buses during peak hours which did not require any social distancing. With the VTL, foreigners can enter the country without vaccination, and even with quarantine previously, we still had the Delta-strain leak and…

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