Ebay customer service FAIL

Robin Low
2 min readOct 29, 2022

eBay seems to have failed both the seller and buyer.

Now Ebay has a place where they will hold your parts and sell, so they have the power of consolidated shipping, but the problem is, it is run by idiots!

I ordered various parts which are hard to find and infact — RARE. And so far, I have 1 fraud, and 1 case of shipment in limbo.

About the part that is in Limbo, I order a rear tail light set for a classic motorcycle, and what was shipped was another part. Clearly, not what I ordered.

So I send them a photo and informed them that they sent the wrong part. The seller was very engaging and they checked with eBay and indeed, the wrong part was sent. So they agreed to send the actual part that I bought.

A week later, no information from eBay, no tracking number. And for eBay, they said the part was shipped. The number they gave was for the first part that was sent wrongly, and I did receive the wrong part.

After that, eBay would not even let me open a case to explain to them that they sent the wrong part, I asked to see if I can get the part I paid for, and they sent a part was sent.

I mean, what the hell eBay. you sent the wrong part, you did not send a replacement part, and I cannot open a case? This is just Bullshit, and I can’t even contact anyone. The seller said they did send the right part to eBay, but eBay would not respond. Now, eBay would not even respond to me.

This is why I don’t sell on eBay now. They pretty much have such bad customer service, charge incredibly high fees, and they are selling full of fake parts. And the sad part about the system is that there are few other platforms that sell vintage motorcycle parts. Perhaps someone should create one?



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