How can companies improve Environmental Impact?

Robin Low
5 min readFeb 10, 2022

As you may know, environmental improvement is big business. Many companies are pivoting to have less environmental impact because their customers demand it.

Sustainable businesses are becoming more common as well. Investors and bank prefer to fund companies who have an environmental bottom line and many loans given to sustainable businesses have preferential terms as well.

There are 2 ways to ride on this trend.

  1. Improve your operations to have a enhance your environmental impact.
  2. Pivot and run a new department/venture to have an environmental business model.

Environment Operations

· Environmental Management

· Air & Climate

· Water

· Land & Life

Environmental Management

  1. Do you own/lease your office?

If you looking for an office space, have you considered facilities that are certified to meet requirements of an accredited Green building programs?

If you lease your space, have you made any energy/water efficiency improvements?

Do you do recycling?

2. Virtual Office

Yes, since the pandemic, many of us realize that work can be done remotely. Not needing to travel to work can reduce carbon footprint. So to encourage good environmental stewardship, do you have policies that;

i) encourage environmentally preferred products and practices

ii) safe disposal of e-waste and hazardous waste

iii) share resources with employees for use in their home offices

Policies are great way to formalize systems to share with your clients.

· Policy statement documenting our organization’s commitment to the environment

· Assessment undertaken of the environmental impact of our organization’s business activities

· Stated objectives and quantifiable targets for environmental aspects of our organization’s operations

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