Ichiran Ramen Kit Review

Robin Low
5 min readJun 18, 2021

I have always loved Ichiran Ramen. Had my first Ichiran Ramen in Fukuoka and loved it. The broth was thick and creamy, noodles can be firm, and the chilli hits the right spot.

I’ve also been to the chain stores in Tokyo and New York and the quality was equally good.

Going to Ichiran is quite an experience. In Tokyo, you order outside and enter the restaurant, and you are sent to the booths. When you are seated, your ramen will promptly appear. If you want extra noodles, place your bowl further ahead and they quickly deliver it.

I would say that the experience is very streamlined and efficient. Noodles and broth will be made to your liking. I love Kyushu-style ramen, and love Ichiran.

Although this is not my favorite ramen, this is my favorite chain store which I can find outside Kyushu.


I found this ramen kit at Don Don Donki in Singapore. It costs S$40 (In New York, it also costs US$29 at the Ichiran Shop)

I was hesitant at first. The kit serves 5 people, at $8 per serving, it is rather pricey.

Trying to make Tonkotsu Ramen myself, I tried boiling pork bones for 16 hours, removing the excess oils, drilling out the marrow, etc and it is a lot of effort. Pork bone is also not cheap in Singapore, it can easily cost more than $10 for me to make 4 servings of broth. (not to mention 12 or more hours of cooking)

Since dining out is not an option in Singapore, I decided to have a go and try this kit.

My initial thought, this kit is rather heavy. what does it contain?

Following the instructions, I used 450ml of water per serving and added a pack of soup base. It comes in a sealed plastic pack. The…

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