Information on Genting Highlands 2022

Robin Low
4 min readMay 30, 2022

Genting Highlands has changed a lot after MCO. Is it worth it to go up?

I have not been to Genting Highlands for more than 2 years and there are a lot more developments ready for you to enjoy. For one, the Skyworlds is now open.

As Resorts World in Singapore has a universal studio, they use the experience gained and built one in Genting Highlands.

From viewing it from the outside, it looks pretty nice and the rides look exciting. Even on a Saturday, the opening hours are 11am — 6pm. Standard Tickets cost RM$151 a day.

I’m planning to check it out next time.

The weather in Genting is still very cool. At 21 degrees in the day, it is cooling and very nice outside. The roads going up feel safe and wide now, but the new roads and building do change the old roads a little as some of the parking no longer exist.

Resorts Hotel is under renovation and the whole casino in the area is gone as well.

During the trip, I brought my mum along and as she has a pinch nerve, her leg hurts and I have to put her on a wheelchair.

Unfortunately, a lot of the lifts do not work.

You have to endure long waits for lifts as the casino seem to turn them off or lock them during some hours as well.

So wheelchair accessibility is limited. For example, you cannot access the non-smoking area on level 2 of the Skyworlds Casino as…

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