It’s time we embrace criticism — Really.

Robin Low
3 min readAug 30, 2022

I feel that the culture and politics of Singapore is pretty toxic like office politics in many companies with weak leaders.

The inability for many so called leaders to take any form of criticism is puzzling. How do you improve if you don’t want to hear the bad things?

An organization is toxic when you point out problems and get disciplined instead. I’ve done it in the army several times, and you learn to keep your head down and ignore problems because the toxic culture is like that, and pointing out problems is a no-no. But please, carry on the compliments.

Looking at the education system, Singapore seemed to be able to “game” the system and have the KPIs met to have high school ranking for universities, but why are Singapore companies not able to find talent? Is something wrong?

It is like when universities produce engineers unable to do their jobs — either, they cheated in the exams, or they have fake degrees…

UGC Declares 21 Universities Fake; Most From Delhi Followed By Uttar Pradesh

Yup, this sort of things happen in India, but are Singapore students really that bad as well? Top universities but no talents?

In my opinion, I think that the top brass in charge is simply disconnected and unable to steer the organization in the right direction. There is probably some toxic culture as well, creating a bad system that focuses on rankings instead of “education”

I do believe Singapore produce a lot of obedient workers — they type that can easily be replaced by automation and AI. We have a lot of followers and middle managers, but when it comes to top talents, the Singapore culture does not allow people with opinions to voice out and in the end, we have the ones that are picked when they are young because they have good grades to be the leaders.

Granted that some are excellent and make great leaders, however, others are put on a pedestal for so long that they are disconnected and cannot take any…

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