Lesson Singapore can learn from America

Robin Low
6 min readApr 7

America — once respected for democracy, economy and culture — is slowly being laughed at by snobbish elite foreigners.

America having a 2 party system is split. Voting in America looks almost like a binary choice, and on one side, cities with talent, ambition, higher education, believing in progress and diversity votes for Joe Biden. On the other side, the aging towns where good jobs are in manufacturing, farming and fuel extraction believes that Trump was robbed and diversity is shredding the national fabric. Each view the other as an existential enemy with whom compromise would be betrayal.

Public trust is gone when the other party wins the election. Elections never promise realignment — therefore, they have to be wrong or illegitimately won, and there are viral disinformation, conspiracy theories to tell people that the results are anything but the will of the people.

The Democrats would believe that the Republicans would hold on to power by undemocratic means — voter suppression and extreme gerrymandering. The Republicans would believe that the Democrats win through election fraud.

Americans believe that America was this “exceptional universal nation”. To be globalized was to be Americanized, to be American was to be globalized. This explains why Americans take the attention of the world for granted and expect to encounter fluent speaking American English everywhere. Americans often assume that people from far away countries will be familiar with American personalities, sports, culture and events, but they do not see global news and global events affecting them in any way, so they choose to ignore it.

The idea that America is unique and superior among nations, starts with a special mission to shine the light of liberty to the world — the idea that led to some of the noblest ventures and worst mistakes. This has been seen when Trump became president and during the pandemic, America’s reputation and earned respect quickly went downhill as the COVID infection and deaths became worst than many third world nations as many people refuse to wear a mask.

From outside America, many foreigners wonder why nothing is done when young kids are continually getting shot in schools. How the gun culture play in American movies and the news that…

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