Let’s worsen inflation by increasing GST — Singapore

Robin Low
3 min readJul 26, 2022

Inflation is hitting many Singaporeans hard. With the lack of job opportunities by competing with foreigners for jobs in their own country to increasing costs like increasing food prices, fuel tax, water hikes, the price increase never ends after the 2020 General Elections.

Even though this is expected — price and tax increases after every election, followed by some disbursement of government grants before the election cycle, this year hits hard as many businesses are still recovering from the pandemic slump.

COE prices are on the rise. The COE for motorcycles definitely cost more than twice the price for motorcycles, likewise for cars.

This matters to everyone as many vehicles like cars, motorcycles and vans are used for logistics, and this affects business costs which in turn causes inflation.

Fuel prices are up because oil prices are up, fuel prices don’t seem to go down much even when oil prices are low. And now, fuel taxes are up as well. (Since 2021)

With high inflation, the government seems to be keen on increasing GST to 9%, and the declaration of the increase has already caused prices to many things to increase, and even Daiso is no longer $2.

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Many countries are seen, trying out new policies and ways to encourage people to adopt green behavior, however, Singapore is just finding new ways to collect more revenue.

We already see $$Trillions going into the reserves, but there it seems to be never enough.

I guess Singapore has a tough policy like increasing water taxes to teach citizens to save water.

And with the closure of the various farms in Lim Chu Kang despite the uncertainty of food security, I don’t see how Singapore can have food security when they force farmers to go high tech and many failed

Singapore seems to want to constantly redevelop the land to build more and pack in more people on this — already congested country. The population more than doubled since the 1980s and what bits of green remaining in the country are marked for removal.

I’m no expert, but when there is a pledge to plant a million trees, perhaps there should be a way to conserve trees? Otherwise, why is it meaningful at all?

I guess it may be Singapore’s way to make Singaporeans greener by destroying remaining forests.

Singapore’s public transportation is getting more robust because of more breakdowns, and the poor is better off by having higher taxes and being able to afford less.

Totally remarkable way of governing.

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