LTA out of touch in Singapore

Robin Low
2 min readApr 5

Bike sharing seems like a good idea, but the implementation in the overcrowded country is really bad. There are many bicycles parked under HDB blocks, blocking the walkways and handicapped access, and look at how they are parked near bus stops, blocking the exits for buses.

Do we need more enforcement for this?

Cars are often seen in the motorcycle lanes at the causeways because of massive jams everyday. They will cut into the lanes and cut back to save a few minutes, but cause massive jams for motorcycles.

This is becoming a common occurrence making it dangerous for motorcycles and causing more traffic jams.

And yes, the solution proposed by LTA at Woodlands, having a white line and a $150 fine.

Two-lane viaduct leading to Woodlands Checkpoint marked with double white lines to deter queue jumpers

I wonder if 2 white lines and $150 fine would work and deter people from using those lanes? There are cars in the motorcycle lanes perhaps once a week now. I’m sure there are other types of warnings as well, but has it stopped them from happening?

What we need is more enforcement, where is the traffic police or customs officers helping to direct traffic and enforce the fines?

Let me know your thoughts.

Robin Low

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