Not much of a choice because no information.

Robin Low
3 min readNov 15, 2022

In Singapore, most of the citizens don’t even have much of a choice when the government makes decisions.

Despite being in uncertain times, and a lot of people having a hard time since the pandemic, there is a sleuth of tax hikes since the 2020 election, like after any other elections in Singapore.

Singapore’s GST hike to go through after Bill passed in Parliament, with opposition MPs recording dissent

There is uncontrolled inflation driving up all sorts of costs. Food prices easily went up by more than 10% already in many of the places that I visit.

Singapore Core Inflation Gathers Speed to Fresh 14-Year High

A lot of other people are profiteering in the situation as well. Landlords are increasing rents as Singapore imports more foreigners.

‘Overwhelmed, defeated’: Expats face up to 70% rise in housing rents as prices hit record highs

With no rent control or capital gains tax, there are many people, locals and foreigners taking a bite in the property market. When the coffee shops for $41M, rents for the stalls go up, and food prices go up. So when the imported vegetables, meat and other ingredients go up due to the increase fuel prices, the hawkers have to also deal with greedy landlords.

Often, I’ve always thought about why is there still so much support for the governing party?

The policies to import more foreigners to boost population creates more competition and underemployment for the locals. Basic services are also not cheap.

Public housing, public transportation and healthcare is not exactly cheap.

Record number of million-dollar flats sold in September; HDB resale prices More than a million dollar for public housing? Yup, they exist, and public housing is increasingly unaffordable. Bus fares and MRT fares continuously increase despite the fall in oil prices. Medical costs are also increasing in 2019 and 2020, there is at least a 10% increase per year. There is rising income inequality, racism and discrimination as well.

With life getting increasingly difficult, why do the residents want status quo?



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