Reflections for 2022

Robin Low
4 min readDec 24, 2022

2022 is a very weird year for me. Many things have opened up. Many people are vaccinated, but most of the people are still — living in fear. The pandemic has changed many things, and in the post pandemic period, things are still changing.

Many of the changes are permanent. Some of the store that I love to visit are gone forever. The behavior of humans are also very unpredictable. People go to very crowded events where hundreds from everywhere gather, and some people are always cautious and testing, and require others to test for COVID-19 before meeting them.

A few friends that I know try their best to avoid crowds, take tests and get vaccinated and yet, they are the ones who get infected by COVID-19 multiple times.

For me in 2022, I’m still on my learning journey with B-Corp, talking to various inspiring companies creating impact while making a profit in their business.

The people I meet are also varied. Just like when I was working with foundations and NGOs, there are many people who started these amazing companies and create such amazing impact, however, they can be such difficult people to work with, and some even talk about the beneficiaries they work with in such a condescending tone.

I guess, nobody is perfect.


In 2022, there are a lot of times where I do feel overwhelmed. My mum’s memory is getting worse, and I get to see many bad behavior as her Alzheimer’s progress.

One thing for sure, it would be hard to change someone who has a disease that prevents that, and that affects me a lot.

When I work with survivors in disasters or suicide, I can find ways to impact them or change their views. I learn from the engagement and grow. But when it comes to Alzheimer’s, it is very hard to get them to learn and understand things.

So, this is also a good learning experience for me to manage my mum and my social life/work life at the same time.

When I feel stress, I can always take some time off and ride.

Robin Low

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