Singapore Motorcycle Culture

Robin Low
10 min readFeb 18, 2024

Singapore is a very strange place, cars are really expensive, and now, even motorcycles are expensive, and yet it is common in Singapore to find the BMW R1200GS around, even though there is not much off road or trails, not the R1200GS is good for any of that.

Talking about cars, yes, in 2024, a Toyota Alphard costs about S$320,000 which is about US$235,000.

Yes, this car.

A big ass mini van costs USD$235,000 to own brand new, for 10 years only.

Where I can use the same amount of money to drive this in California.

Yes, an Aston Martin DB11

With such a high car price, it is easy to see why some people choose to ride motorcycles, even though a motorcycle is not cheap.



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