The BMW K Bike — Modern Timeless Classic

Robin Low
4 min readDec 17, 2022

I’ve always wanted a BMW K1 or any K Bikes since … forever. And in the early 2000s, I’ve ridden the K1200RS, K1200LT and started to love them even more.

This is my K1200LT. Back in the day, it was the biggest touring bike that rivaled the Goldwing. It had a reverse gear and lots of trunk space for travel.

When I started riding, I love visiting different cities on my bike and I knew it that this bike would be great for me.

Of course, my first choice was the Goldwing. It was the ultimate touring bike. The GL1500 had good torque and storage, and the reverse gear allow you to park stupidly in places and still get out.

When I started riding the K1200LT, I started to realize that the bike felt “slimmer” and could get the work done. The adjustable windshield was a bonus but the sound system electronics was much of a let down.

Years later, I owned a K75.

The K75 is a smaller bike, enough power to zip around with a smooth delivery. It felt perfect in the city and was enough to get you on the highway.

I’ve owned the R90s and the other boxer engines and they felt weird to me, but the K75 just felt right. Sitting posture was good and you can tour on it all day.

Recently, I got a K100. Similar to the K75, it was smooth and delivered more power. I was surprised that these bikes are now so cheap. These flying bricks are durable and lasts forever, and I’ve sold my K75 at 200,000km and the engine was still running strong.

I do feel that the K Bikes are much underrated.

Robin Low

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